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Suppliers and stockists of stainless steel wire balustrading components and completed assemblies used on handrails, stairs and rigging and also for architectural purposes.


THE PLACE TO START. There are various fittings (and combinations of fittings) used for balustrading with the most common shown on the styles sheet. Click on this link - Styles - and choose what sort of look you are after.

Once you have determined your prefered style please contact us by email or phone us on 0439 393834 with required components for hand swaging or completed sizes for hydraulic swaging and we can get back to you with current prices.

Hand swaged is the cheapest option but this can depend on whether or not you are complying to the building code as hand swaged assemblies require more strands than hydraulically swaged assemblies on the code. Hand swaged uses 7x7 cable and is supplied as components only (including instructions and specialised tools if required) for DIY assembly and installation on site.

Hydraulically swaged is usually supplied completed to the size you require using 1x19 cable. This is the strongest, most streamlined, least labour intensive option but strand by strand is more expensive than hand swaged. As these are preassembled they require an 8mm hole in through posts for installation. The only tools required are a screw driver and drill (and maybe a rivet gun) and can be attached very easily by the home handy person.

If there is a particular style or component you are after but cannot see please ask us as we may be able to manufacture or source it.

BUILDING CODE. There is a national buidling code that relates to the use of wire for balustrading. 3.2mm cable is by far the most common size used so the following relates to this cable only.

Basically if you need to comply to the code and you are looking at hand swaging then the strands are a maximum 60mm apart and posts can be up to 2.5 metres apart. Hydraullically swaged assemblies can be 100mm apart if your posts are less than a metre apart or 80mm apart if your posts are less than 2 metres apart. Divide the distance underneath your handrail to the deck by 60, 80 or 100 and round down to determine how many strands you need.

If your deck is less than a metre off the ground you do not need to comply to this as the code does not require any handrail for decks at this height so you can have as many strands as you like. If your deck is more than 4 metres off the ground then balustrading must be vertical.

If you have ANY questions please feel free to get in contact and we will endevour to help you out.

Please note that the building code changes regularly and some councils may have their own requirements so it is very important, if you will be seeking council approval, that you check with council for current requirements before proceeding.


PAYMENT & DELIVERY. We courier or post Australia wide and accept Visa, Mastercard, cheques, direct deposit and EFT.


CONTACT. If you have any questions or would like further information please contact us on the following.

Award Balustrading Supplies

Mobile: 0439 39 38 34

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